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Coaching Packages & Rates

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Coaching is most commonly offered as a 6-month package, meeting for one hour twice a month (via phone or video).

Humans who are seeking focused support on a particular topic or want to try out coaching before diving in deeply, can sign-up for a trial coaching package (minimum 3 sessions). If you don't see a fit in the current offerings, let's chat about a coaching arrangement that matches your needs and vision for how coaching fits into your life. 

For all coaching packages, client and coach will design an accountability agreement and action steps to work on between sessions. Clients have access to in-between session support via text and email, to stay aligned with their unique coaching purpose and vision. All coaching packages end with co-created next steps to support the client in life beyond coaching.

The first step in exploring if coaching is a fit for you is to sign up for a free 30-minute chemistry call.

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Coaching should be within reach for everyone.

Growing Home Coaching was founded with the intention to model equity and accessibility practices within the business. I believe coaching is for everyone! However, for that to become a reality, coaching prices must be mindful of the specific realities clients bring with them and the systems that impact finances.  


Utilizing learning from Bear Hebert, Alexis J. Cunningfolk and other justice-centered, anti-capitalist teachers, I offer a managed sliding scale and payment plans on an as needed basis. These practices allow me to honor individual financial privilege and personal financial experience when charging clients for my services.

Coaching is offered at $125/session with a sliding scale offered as needed, as follows.

Thank you to Alexis J. Cunningfolk who I am borrowing this language from.

  • Coaching costs $125/session. Rates below this are discounted.

  • The price of $110 - $120/session is for those who are able to meet their basic needs but have little-to-no-expendable income. Paying for coaching may qualify as a sacrifice but it would not create hardship.

  • The price of $90 - $100/session is for those who struggle to meet basic needs and paying for coaching would present a hardship. 

  • The Pay-it-Forward price for coaching is $130/session. This extra money goes towards supporting these equity practices and future low-cost offerings. 

As a first step in our coaching agreement, clients are invited to share if they need to utilize the sliding scale, and if so, what they will pay per session. Setting the coaching rate together is our first collaboration: modeling accountability and transparency, foundations of our coaching work.


Learning how to grow my business in a mindful way and incorporate anti-capitalist principles into my pricing has enhanced my practice. Thank you to my teachers who have helped me expand my capacity and understanding of how I am able to work in a way that honors my commitment to building equity practices into my business.

"Sara is one of those souls that when you meet her, you know she’s going to touch your life. I have grown exponentially while having her as my coach." 

Andrea (coaching client)

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