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Client Testimonials

Generous words from humans I've worked with

"Sara is one of those souls that when you meet her, you know she’s going to touch your life. I have grown exponentially while having her as my coach."

– Andrea

"Sara's curiosity about my journey, and her kind sensitive probing into what I really want helped bring me from a backyard shed art studio full of hay and bikes to a spacious art studio full of plants overlooking a city. She was encouraging, supportive and still able to push me to look deeper into what I wanted. Her questions helped me begin to unravel some of the tangled webs between what others expect of me and what serves me best. Most importantly she helped me practice saying "no" which has been a lifelong challenge.   I can't recommend her enough.

– Lettie Jane 

"Sara listens with her whole mind and soul. In our sessions, I felt so attended to. I felt guided and safe and free to show up exactly as I am. Sara used visualizations and other tools to help me move past old thought patterns and create new associations. I came in with what felt like a compartmentalized question about career and left with a better understanding of my values and life philosophy. If you’re looking for someone to hold up a loving, honest mirror to you, Sara is the one."


"I achieved a lot through coaching with Sara. She was a great combination of supportive and challenging. I've been able to really think about my business and thought processes in a new way. Our coaching work brought me a lot of clarity."


"Sara met me where I was, while helping me uncover a kind of north star. She asked questions that got me to dig in and identify my guiding values, as well as issues that block me in achieving goals. I would highly recommend Sara to thinkers, seekers, and people who want to work with the inner aspects of life that help us derive purpose."


"As a coach, Sara is thoughtful, curious, and a very active listener who draws out thoughts and questions to enable authentic reflection and discernment. She is fully present and fully invested in coaching her clients on their journey with a judgement-free, affirming tone that encourages 'diving-in' to a topic and 'coming out' with mindful next steps."


"Sara was generous and always saw the whole me!"

Sarah B.

"Sara's coaching has been invaluable to me both personally and professionally. Her ability to listen deeply and ask challenging questions, while being open, honest, and compassionate, has helped me move myself under a new light that is much brighter, positive, authentic to who I really am, and the directions I'd like to grow." 



"Sara helped me uncover purpose beyond what I thought was possible."

Sarah S.

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